Voyeur Reality – fine art erotica and VR

July 13, 2015

4K Stereoscopic 360 Panoramic Rendering http://www.vrideo.com/watch/l3ngW0O (using Unity3D pro – VRpanorama plugin)


About this Virtual Reality project:

I am not a pornographer, but rather an artist interested in social and cultural issues surrounding gender and identity.

Just as pornography fueled the sales of home video cassette recorders (remember VCRs?), virtual reality porn is a wave about to break over everything.  The (solo) immersive headset is an alienating and isolating experience. Pornography cuts away and silences many things.  In doing so, it is a perfect match for immersive VR.  My intention is to create a VR project which pre-empts this and asks, “What should we really do with VR, with its enormous potential for abuse?”

Enormous Potential for Abuse: Yesterday, Livi Erickson, a VR evangelist from Microsoft told me something astounding:  Years after an immersive VR experience, that same experience is recalled as having been real. Continue reading